Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Notes on the weekend

Saturday my nephew and his girlfriend came up from San Diego and stopped by for a ride. We spent a couple of hours coaching them around our "arena". Saturday afternoon we worked on getting the house back in order.

Sunday, Ranae rode with her friends and Jessie and I wen out back for a little GW and saddle time. I set up four cones in a square with one in the middle. We worked on going around the cones (all four) then cutting across the middle. We did it at a walk and trot. When she wanted to veer in we would get to the nearest cone and do a bending exercise around that cone and back in the circle. We went both ways and after she had the concept we did it at a lope. She held the circle pretty good and didn't lean much. I had left my saddle a little looser than normal because I wanted to work on my balance and I feel if the saddle is a bit loose I can feel when I'm leaning. We had a good hour to ninety minute workout and I felt she is loping much more comfortably.

This morning (Tuesday) we started on Riding with Confidence Series II from the beginning. One, because I want to make up some barn cards for the exercises, and, two because I want to try to do them in order through the whole series. So, it was about 30 minutes of yielding hindquarters to a stop at all three gaits then bending to a stop at all three gaits. It really did feel good to just have a few things to work on. We got them in and I think she was showing some very good improvement.

Here is a peek at the barn cards I've made for GW II:

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