Tuesday, September 6, 2016

A New Trail

I changed the title of this post three times already.  Many people have asked me to train their horses. If I had a facility I would likely have two Oak Creek horses in training now.  But, I don't know that much about starting horses.  That's a recipe to get hurt.

What I've come up with is to train people what I know.  I'm confident I can make a horse safe.  Teaching desensitizing exercise and round pen exercises can get most horses paying attention.  It's not really the horses, it's the owners.  If I can teach them to be more effective leaders to their horses, I think their relationships will improve.

Two clients are on my roster so far.  We are going over the basics.  The stuff they need to learn are the things it took me awhile to figure out: how to tie the halter, where to stand, how to ask my horse the right question.

I'm setting up a Facebook page - that's how it's done these days.  The name of my company is Real Simple Horsemanship.  Real as in authentic.  Simple as in Basic.  Let's see where this trail takes me...