Thursday, June 26, 2008

Smoke get in Your eyes

I wrote this Tuesday but didn't published it(duh):

We rode early Tuesday before Ranae took Dusty to the vet. It was a nice early morning ride. The air is kinda crappy from the fires here in Calif. It's hard to ask a lot from the horses when the air hurts my lungs.

Monday evenings Ranae plays tennis so I have been watching my DVD's. Finally, I get to the "find the center" exercise for helping your horse do a circle without caving in or pushing out. The tips I had gotten from Matt Sheridan were helpful, but I think this exercise will help both of us a little more. The difference is, I think the find the center exercise gives her more of the responsibility to do it right. And, because she has assumed most of the responsibility for doing it wrong, I think this will help her a lot. We've already picked out a few places we can do this exercise (our training area is too small) and I can't wait to give it a try. Like follow the fence and passenger lesson it may require some time in the first session and those are the most fun for me.

I'm really not sure how much riding will fit in the rest of the week. We got tickets for a concert Friday night and I just found out guitarist Gary Hoey is playing here tomorrow night and I would really like to see him. Maybe Jessie could use some time off and we'll let the air clear.

Dusty lameness test went well. He has some arthritis. Ranae got a lot of the answers she was looking for.

It's supposed to be very hot again this weekend...

Thursday AM:

We rode last night and I got to work for about 15 minutes on the find the center exercise. It's hot and the air still is bad so we stayed at the trot. I think she was beginning to figure it out, but it will take more time to get the "concept". It's tough for me not to steer and try and help her out. We'll work on it a bit more this weekend.
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