Thursday, January 2, 2014

Testing the Intermediate Levels

Downunder Horsemanship was holding a casting call for a "Test your Intermediate Skills".  Jessie and I, well mostly me, thought we would give it a go.  No, it didn't really matter that we don't own an Intermediate Kit.  We have the old series of Riding With Confidence and Gaining Respect and Control on the Ground series.  We were sure Clinton wouldn't mind.  Hey, pick us and I'll get a kit to brush up before the trip.

And speaking of brushing up, we didn't even let it bother us, well mostly me, that we hadn't practiced the exercises, especially the groundwork exercises for quite some time.  Heck, the biggest place we had to practice was our backyard!  That was't going to work.

Nope, that's what determination, aka idiocy, offers:  an unencumbered path down the road to another video.

The deadline was the last day of the year.  We, well mostly me, got a list of the exercises on the Intermediate Series and, lo and behold Clinton had changed the name and order of some of the exercises.

We filmed over a couple of weekends and did the best we could.  Like any good editor, the exercises we didn't do very well got the short shrift, and we muddled through the rest.  I posted it on the NWC forum to get some discussion going and then others started posting theirs as well.  By the looks of it, the competition is tough.  Those guys all looked like they owned the right kit.

Anyway, we got it done.  If it happens, we'll have to plan a trip to Texas.  We doubt that will happen.  We, well mostly me, feel there is little chance of getting there this year.  But we did get to make another video...and, oh I even put a blooper reel at the end!