Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Our long, national nightmare is nearly over

The living room and bedroom are painted, the carpet guys come tomorrow, as does the new bed and recliner. The economic stimulus checks have been spent well before they were received and we've done about everything we could to get America back on it's feet and now we're headed out back to spend time with our horses.

The weather here is just now getting warmer. Storms threatened all weekend and it actually was a pretty good weekend to paint. Saturday afternoon was stormy, Sunday afternoon was cold and breezy, but I went out for an hour and did some GW and liberty. I think she is getting the hang of it. Time to capture some more video because there was a lot less carrying on.

Sunday afternoon was cool and nice and we went for a ride to our usual haunts. I found an open area and tried to work on the instructions I got from Matt. She seemed to lean a lot less and I think I was getting the concept of direct and drive. It'll be interesting to see how she does when I ride her in our little area, which, by the way, we may lose because our neighbors are going to cross fence it. Oh well.

Not sure when the next ride will be. Could be done with household chores by tomorrow afternoon. We still have a lot of little things to do and I have a bunch to catch up here at the store (why am I blogging?), but I'm looking forward to getting out of "project" mode.
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