Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Pics from Ojai

We got to spend some time in Ojai.  It is a great retreat for us.  We love to walk the trails and just relax.  There's Bart's Books one of the largest used outdoor book stores EVER!  I found an interesting book I won't have time to read:

 We also took an advanced trail ride at Oso Ranch:

Our trail boss, Rob

Some beautiful scenery

Monday, February 13, 2012

A Little Cow Work

Yeah, that's right. We got in a little cow work over the weekend. When I interviewed Frank Knight for the podcast he mentioned he had tried team sorting, then I heard one of our local stables was holding some practice sessions as well as competitions. Ranae and I (read that "I") thought it would be fun.

We got out to the stable around 10 am. It was cloudy and cool. The practice was light with just five or six teams. We were assigned a team and you just do it. We got three runs for $20. It took a little over an hour. The horses got to stay in the arena the whole time with the other horses and it was quite a good time. Dusty kicked up a little bit when Ranae was trying to work a cow, but it wasn't that big. Jessie was alternating between "off with the fairies" and "let me go and I'll show YOU how to handle this cow". I made her work real slow and I thought both horses did great. Ranae said she was happy I "suggested" we give it a try.

Didn't get to take may pictures because we both spent most of the time on our horses. You have to be ready to go when they call your name. I got a couple:

We'll have more detail on an upcoming podcast.