Monday, March 3, 2008

The Must've Heard of My Work At Equine Affaire...

...because I got the news I've been chosen to help out at the April, City of Industry, Tour Stop. I'm sure Craig Cameron told them all about me. I'm looking forward to the tour. Guess I've got to purchase tickets for Ranae now, since I'm not a member of NWC anymore (although guess I could join for a month and get the free tour tickets). City of Industry (doncha just love the name?) is about a two hour drive. I'm supposed to be there at 6:30 am Saturday morning. Google me the nearest Starbucks.

We didn't get too much riding in this weekend. The weather Saturday was cold and windy. It warmed up in the afternoon and I gave Jessie her spring vacs and worming. Sunday morning she was pretty hung over. She didn't finish her breakfast (which never happens) and she was kind of mopey. We went for a short walking ride. She seemed to feel better once we were out, but I took it easy on her anyway. She was much improved by Sunday evening and looked almost back to her cute self this morning.
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