Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Going Saddle-less

I've mentioned we do a little bareback riding after our ground work. I've captured some video. It has all the characteristics of a homemade video. It's not pretty and it's long. It's quite interesting to see your riding style on video. I can see a lot of mistakes, but it's not bad for someone who's only been doing it about a month. Feel free to offer advice or critiques - I can take it.

We are riding in the halter and I just tied the lead rope on a loop. It makes the reins kinda long. I think it's funny the look Jessie has on her face at times. It's like, "Get this guy off of me!" She actually did very well. A couple of times my weight shifted and my balance was off and I could feel her come up underneath me and get back on track.

Regardless of my riding ability the one thing you can tell from this video is how absolutely gorgeous she is!

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