Friday, March 28, 2008

A Mini Revelation

I hope this is the stuff horsemanship is made up of - tiny revelations that help one relate to his horse a little better.

Since talking about the how and when of escalating pressure, I've been a little more focused on it. Jessie seems to be more responsive in our groundwork sessions and even seems to have a greater willingness to please.

In thinking about why this might be so, I believe I was doing something I wasn't even aware of. In doing LFR II for example, when I might have had to whacked her to move off her back end a little more, I think there was a fraction of a second where I was waiting to see her reaction to the whack. It was as if she said in that tiny pause, "You want my reaction? Well, here it is!", and she would kick up and pull back. Now, I keep her in the exercise first, I assume she is going to do it right, and the correction is to help her get it right, not to elicit a reaction.

Or it could just be that the repetition is paying off...
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