Tuesday, March 25, 2008

We had some good workouts over the weekend. Time was a bit compressed because of the holiday so we spent the time in the arena. Here's a video of a quick workout we did on Sunday evening. We had done some riding work Sunday morning and we got back from the family Easter celebration early after eating waaay too much food. I need to move around so we took Jessie and the camera out back.

I present this as is. It's a first take without any editing. The mike is open. I mention this because in watching, I see a number of mistakes and I'm sure you'll see them too. It's a humbling learning experience and I post it here to help me improve. Feel free to offer criticism - that's why I posted it.

My goal was to do a quick run through of several exercises. The eye hole broke on my handy stick so I can't attach the string. So I used hoof picking and my clippers as the desensitizing exercises.

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