Monday, March 10, 2008

Beautiful weather here

Perfect California weather. We rode both days. Saturday afternoon after some groundwork we went for a ride in the usual area. Worked on using my calves instead of heels to move Jessie around. Also, she has a tendency to wander back and forth on the trail and I realized I was, if I wanted to move her to the right, picking up the right rein and then putting my left leg on to push her over. I switched that around and began with the leg pressure and added the rein only if she didn't respond and by the end of the ride I only had to occasionally use the rein.

Sunday morning we did some groundwork and had the trailer hooked up for a river ride. Jessie loads first and she walked right in...then she backed right out. Once out, I made her back up and as soon as I started I knew I had jumped the gun. She got all pissy again. Courtney, you're right about temper tantrums. We worked on LFR II for about 5 minutes and went back to the trailer and she walked in and stayed calm. The reason I say I jumped the gun is because I think there might have been a gentler approach. The end result would have been the same, I just think it would have been easier. Loading up to come home, I had to do some groundwork as well, but it was only a quarter of the time.

The ride itself was pretty enjoyable. We are still working on keeping her attention on me. When she worries about something she gets closer to my wife's horse for security.
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