Thursday, May 1, 2008

Another Two-a-day

Yesterday we had another early am groundwork session. We worked on flexing stage two. That was a new exercise for us and she picked up on it very quickly. Jessie has an annoying habit of looking away after a give. She'll just turn and look in the other direction from where I'm standing. I particularly noticed this on the backup exercises. So, what we did was back up and when I stopped, as soon as she looked away we started backing up again. A couple of times she got the whack because she was off with the fairies. After about five minutes of backing up she was getting the idea of not looking away.

In the evening session we worked on the backup again, flexing 2, and LFR 2 trying to sharpen the work of the back end. We also did side-pass along the fence and that was pretty neat because I was jogging and she was side-passing along the fence.

After about 30-40 minutes of GW I tied a knot in the halter and jumped on. It was a bit breezy and she was trying to be jumpy about everything. We walked a lot and did the circles and bending. I did some trotting and she kept speeding up and I had to shut her down because I was bouncing all over the place.

While I was getting off I laid down on her, a la the Jeffrie's Method. I was rubbing her all over the place and the breeze blew up her tail. She spooked but didn't go anywhere. I was pretty cool. She's off today. Hope to get in some consecutive days in soon...
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