Friday, January 20, 2012

A Quick Video Post

The podcast has been keeping us fairly busy. It is a lot more work than I ever thought it would be. Anyway, we had taken some video on our last ride out at the river. It is from January 8th and it's short. We found some pipes laying on the ground and Jessie and went to work on them. Boy, it's oftentime difficult watching yourself. My posture is terrible and when we are side-passing, I'm leaning forward. What's up with that? It causes Jessie to back up and the whole side-pass gets messed up.

Ranae was having a good time going through these gullies. Dusty stayed nice and calm. This is a fun place to ride. If you look closely you will see a stand of trees in the background. That was where we wanted to do some jogging around the trees but there was too much deadfall.

It's just three minutes long. Enjoy!


Leslie said...

Love it! that does look like a great place to ride! I am finding out Speedy knows a lot more then he lets on, I am also finding out how lazy he can be! he has been tricking me since I have been a softy and haven't known always what to's good to find this out now though, we have just had these 2 guys of ours about 8 months or so, learning a lot together is so fun (humans and people!)

We also didn't know to take peoples words about health care and such and finally had their teeth checked since I was doubting a few things, Speedy's mouth was horrible and we have had a mild set back since this past Thurs, hard for him to relearn to eat the right way, and pain and such, his back teeth couldn't even grind his food the normal way before...grrrr! he is healing but had a lot of work done, we have a wonderful vet and equine dentist who we love now :) and he is on the mend!
have fun riding!!!

John Harrer said...

Yes. They do learn how to play us. It's quite the game trying to learn whether they don't know it or if they don't and don't want to do it.

Sorry to hear about Speedy's mouth. We have our horses done every other year right now and the vet thinks that's working out okay. I'm sure Speedy will heal in time for the spring weather ;>)

Leslie said...

Well Speedy got bad and started dropping weight but is good now! We have only had them less than a year and took the previous owners word that his teeth were fine, I am so grateful we found out when we did and also have a good equine dentist! we even were able to ride this past Sat and Sun! a little excitement too going thru some pecan orchards and sprinkles go off all around us! Cadet freaked out a little but thank goodness Speedy kept a level head!

Leslie said...

Speedy went downhill fast and started dropping weight but he is good now, he even eats differently! We have had our 2 horses for less than a year and took the previous owners word about his teeth, geez! I am glad we found out when we did and also happy to have a great equine dentist :)
we were able to ride this past Sat and Sun and had a little excitment riding thru some pecan orchards when a bunch of sprinklers went off all around us! Cadet freaked out a little but Speedy kept a level head! it was fun!