Monday, January 2, 2012

My Year-end Tribute To Jessie

Each year I try to compile some of the unused video and photos we've shot to put together a montage of our year. This year I put the video to a mashup of my favorite "Downunder Horsemanship" songs. (My audio editing still leaves much to be desired) Some of these clips where from our ill-fated movie, "The Method is Bogus", a sarcastic look at the training technique. Yes, we had a script and everything. Unfortunately, we were well into production when we learned that I cannot act, and the project was put on hold.

Other than that there was not a whole lot to choose from as 2011 was a year where I worked more on my photography than my videography. Looking back I didn't realize how many times I stood up on her. Jessie is such a good horse and continues to be a shining light in my life.

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