Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Podcast Episode 2

We've been working out the technical bugs to the podcast. There are still some challenges ahead. Once we get these worked out, I think we'll sound more relaxed and comfortable at the mic. It's a tricky situation trying tot juggle sound levels, content, and pacing when everything is new to us. We will get these things worked out. We will be adding some more production elements. We would like to add some interviews. If you would like to share your Downunder Horsemanship experiences, please contact us at jharrer@pacbell.net and put DUH Podcast in the header.  We'll set up a convenient time, and give you a number to call so we can record the interview.  Don't worry, we can edit out the bad parts ;>)

Anyway, here is Episode 2 Oh, and just one note. They do seem to take a minute to load on my computer, so be patient. Or go to itunes and subscribe :>)
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