Sunday, January 25, 2009

This Sucks

Since being invited last August 25th to work at Equine Affair, I've worked hard to get ready for the event. I'm set to go early Tuesday morning and I receive this email three days before leaving:

Hi John,

I hope this email finds you well. I apologize for this news coming to you so late and right before the event. I have just been informed that after finalizing the clinic prop lists and with other contributing factors that our needs have changed and we will not require your assistance during the event. If you choose to come on a voluntary basis and assist in needed areas as a volunteer we would be more than happy to have you help in that capacity.

Again, I apologize John; I have been out of the office all week and just received the news. I would like to see if I can offer you and your wife a set of four day passes so you can both attend. I will be in touch regarding this; It is the least I can do for the inconvenience.

Thank you,

Times are tough and I know the the laws of the jungle,"The new guy always gets the ax", but they could have handled it more professionally. I'm still going down on Wednesday and staying til Sunday. What am I going to do? Everything is set.
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