Friday, January 30, 2009

Day Two

So, Yesterday was pretty long. I was up around 5:30 had breakfast at Denny's (C+), and was at the Fairplex about 7:15. They weren't going to let in anyone until 8 and since I wasn't a volunteer or a paid staff, I decided to try and talk my way past the guards. It worked. I invoked my supervisor's name and said I had to get to 9A to put up the barricades for the ECR mounds and they let me in.

I really had to do that, so I went to 9A (here are the mounds) and after doing that went behind the arena to get some shots of the horses on the race track. Here our our jumps.

Here is one shot of the exercise riders. It was pretty cool.

My first chore was putting out a fire (crisis) at the blue gate. Someone had stacked 80 boxes of programs in front of an electrical panel. I was the only one there. That took about 20 minutes. The rest of the morning we moved some props for the two arenas, helped move some horses in and out of the breed pavillion. I saw Julie Goodnight, Craig and Chris Cox with his new baby. She is a cutie.

More in the next post...
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