Monday, August 25, 2008

Life Keeps Getting in the Way of My Riding

I was shaving Thursday last and I felt a wetness by my feet. The bathroom sink valve had sprung a leak. We decided to change the whole faucet and vanity, so over the weekend I got to finish installing the waterer (which came out very nice, I might add) and struggle with the 60 year old bathroom plumbing.

We did get a short ride in on Saturday. It was one of those nice, relaxing, don't-do-too-much-I'm-hot-and-tired rides. Jessie was kind enough to oblige. Sunday we went out back when the girls took off and we loped some circles and picked up leads. She is getting so much better. We did some bending and side-passing which, for some reason isn't quite as sharp as I think it should be. She moves off my left leg with some real quickness though. I had my spurs on for the first time in a long time and I think that helped.

It is supposed to be hot all week again. The weatherman actually said this on the radio this morning, "Look for a heat wave the next four days and here's the good news: our air quality will be in the "poor" range instead of "unhealthful"." Yeah, right, good news...
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