Thursday, April 24, 2008

Two In One Day

Woke up early yesterday and did about 45 minutes of groundwork from about 6-7am. We are consciously going through all the exercises on GR 2. None of the exercises have been too difficult except I did find Jessie doesn't like the "Slap and Walk" exercise. That was one of the first desensitizing exercise (besides the clippers) that she's showed any resistance to.

I don't get home much before six and I quickly threw them some hay and went off to change and get some things done. I saddled her about 6:20 and we went out back and worked on ORS, bending, trotting circles, and we loped a bit. I'm going to have to look at that bending exercise again. Either I'm doing it wrong or not doing it long enough. She just can't wait to get her head back straight. She gives quickly and then it's - POW! - and she yanks it away. I think I just need to do it more. Time flew by and before I knew it it was past 7 and time to put everything back.

I'm hoping to get another short session in tonight.
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