Friday, April 18, 2008

Back to Training

We got three good days of training. Tuesday was the shortest. About twenty minutes in Jessie's paddock. I taught her to flex using the ear, did regular flexing, side-passing, yielding both ends, and desensitizing with the clippers.

Wednesday we did a little more vigorous workout with lungeing I & II, circle driving, C-pattern, yielding both ends, desensitizing with stick and string,popping bubble wrap and clippers. We worked about 40 minutes and she got some patience pole time.

Thursday we saddled up and went to our neighbor's arena. It's a little bigger and we could work on the bending exercise, the steering exercise and we did some follow the fence. We also loped around pretty good. Not exactly in the four leaf clover, but we did come through the center of the circle and go the other way. Lots of flexing. I'm asking for more with each workout and she's staying right with me.
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