Monday, April 14, 2008


Loaded with the energy of the the Tour Stop, we got to do groundwork last Wednesday and Thursday and got both ground and riding in on Saturday and Sunday. It was record warm over the weekend. They say it hit 94.

The groundwork sessions went very well. She is getting lighter and lighter. We side-passed down the fence for about 30 feet in both directions. She is finally getting desensitized to the clippers. She learned how to flex using the ear and her backup is pretty good as well.

Under saddle we worked on bending, post-to-post, and cantering. We cantered in circles pretty well. We even went through the center of the circle and changed directions at a lope. That was a first for us. Sunday's trail ride included riding out on our own and we trotted or loped for about twenty minutes. She did pretty well.

Ferrier was out this morning. She still struggles a bit more than I like. Her barefeet are holding up quite nicely.
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