Monday, April 27, 2009

My Little Pole Bender

The girls went up the hill to ride with some of their girlfriends and I was left home alone. I cleaned up my girl and set up the tripod to see if I could take some pictures.

I had to ground tie her while I walked over and set the camera. It only has a 10 second delay, so I was hustling pretty good.

And then she found out she could grab some grass in between takes...typical starlet!

Then we tried it under saddle. I'd side-pass to the tripod, click the delay then move out in front of the camera. She did pretty good. I kept forgetting to smile.

I had found a set of 6 mini cones at Sports Authority for nine bucks so I set them up 21 feet apart and we rode a pole bending pattern as I tested my ability to ride. She was a little stiff at first, but I think she was getting into it. I then set the cones up in a circle and we did some loping. Again, the steering was a little stiff at first and then she loosened up. We did 8 or 10 circles in each direction and then did a few other little exercises. It was a fun ride.
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