Monday, April 20, 2009

A Long Walk

Saturday was vet day. I had given the annual vaccinations a couple of weeks ago. I have Jessie on an every other year dental program. It seems to be working okay. She had some sharp points, but nothing too bad. The vet said she was looking pretty good and that I should not allow her to "gain any weight". He said you could feel still feel her ribs...barely ;>)

Dusty got his dental, sheath cleaned, flu shot (Jessie has a bad reaction to flu shots), and Ranae got an opinion on his arthritis. We bought some Cosequin ASU to try.

Saturday they were both still down from the morning sedative and it was a good time to catch up on some yard work. Sunday was hot. 95 degrees hot. Jessie and I went out on the canal. she moved pretty nicely. I sent up up and down some burms and she got tired of that fast. We found an irrigation ditch to cross over a couple of times and then another one to jump. She needs more of this to help her learn where her feet are.

We walked out about two miles. We found a spot to do some LFR II at the lope. She kicked up a bit in protest and then complied. I did some desensitizing and then we walked a bit farther. The wind was blowing a big plastic bag on a barbed wire fence. I went over there to see if we had a training opportunity. She could not have cared less (good) so we went on and found another place to do some loping. This time there was no protest. Somebody came by and wanted to chat so while we talked I did some flexing, yielding fore and hind quarters with the touch and rub exercise.

On the way back we did the line driving exercise with my arm taking the place of the stick. I worked on some speed control as we walked pretty fast, then trotted and then went back to a walk. I even got her to lope beside me for a few strides before she blew past and we had to start over again. All in all we were out for about two hours and she welcomed the cool bath when we got home. I tossed her some hay, cleaned their pens and headed for the garden with my cocktail.
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