Monday, February 16, 2009

The Weekend in Ojai

Just when you thought I couldn't bore you with more scenic pictures, here are some pictures we took over the weekend. Ojai is about two hours away and about 20 miles inland from the Pacific Ocean. We spent our 20th anniversary there and I think the 23rd. It's a very small community of 8,000 nestled in one of the beautiful east-west valleys in the country. It is an equine rich area with the Thatcher School (private) and Ojai Valley High School having equestrian programs. The nearby town of Oak View is home to a few trainers. Ojai Valley Inn has horseback rides, but they are pretty tame. I wrote Cam Schryver, head trainer at the Thatcher School and winner of the Extreme Cowboy Race in Pomona and asked where the best place to ride was, but he must not read his email.

We drove over Saturday morning. There is a lot of snow (for Calif) over the mountains. Weather for Ojai was supposed to rain all weekend but we got lucky. We checked into the hotel, had lunch, then headed for the tennis courts. Ojai has a wonder network of trails and you can walk just about anywhere. They also have some very nice tennis courts where they hold a very big amateur tournament every year. After tennis, I used the sauna because I was catching a cold and I thought it would help. We had reservations for dinner at a nice Italian Restaurant (yes, this was an eating weekend) and afterward we went to the Deer Lodge because the advertised Ojai's largest dance floor. (We been taking dance classes on Tuesday nights). The dance floor was covered with tables to accommodate all the Valentine's Day couples so we just sat in the bar. There were a couple of horse people in there but we didn't really talk to them. I wish we had but the one guy came in, ordered two shots of tequila, downed those and a margarita, and ordered a beer. By the time we eavesdropped on their conversation enough to know they were in the horse business, he was to drunk to have a decent conversation with.

Sunday morning we went to their Farmers Market and then went and played some more tennis. We had gotten some walnut-cranberry rolls and a coffee at the market and enjoyed those at the courts which are nestled in a wonderful park surrounded by oak trees. The weather stayed beautiful although they were predicting a storm late Sunday night. I checked this morning and they have had .9 inches of rain in the last 24 hours.

We checked out of the hotel and drove up to the Thatcher School. It's pretty high up the hill and there was nothing you could really see from the outside. We stopped by a used book store on the way to Ventura and then to the Harbor for a late lunch of freshly caught see bass and teriyaki shrimp. We got home about 6 PM.

Ranae got us for our anniversay present a three-day clinic with Matt Sheridan in June. It's up in Tehachapi which is about 60 minutes east of here. This should be a great time. I can't wait!

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