Monday, February 9, 2009

Neither Rain, Nor Sleet...

Well, rain anyway. We managed to get a ride in on Saturday between the rain clouds. We stayed out back and worked on some of the things we saw at the clinics. The horses were pretty dirty so the ride was preceded by a long grooming session. We worked on some loping and bending and spent about an hour on their backs. Jess was a little stiff through her body but she lope nicely. We did some side-passing at the fence and she was very willing. We trotted around a bunch. They are a bit out-of-shape.

Sunday we video taped some stuff for Ground Series II. We rehearsed a couple of exercises to try and find the best camera set-up and she did great. Then we turned the camera on. How did she know? Anyway, she did most of the exercises pretty good. I hope to have them edited soon.

Here's the print we bought in Pomona:

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