Friday, November 14, 2008

A Calm Workout

Got out there about 6:15. My body is pretty sore from my exercise routine and Jessie was trying to say "Why don't we just take the day off?" We work on a few exercises. She was yielding her hindquarters great. We worked on moving forequarters while keeping the hindquarters still. She seemed to get it after a few tries. We did a few of the touch and rub exercises and then LFR and desensitize. I took the halter off and we did some liberty work. She lunged the circle around me very well and we did a little circle driving. We got to leading beside and she was lagging behind (and believe me, I wasn't moving that fast), so I put the halter on and we practiced that one one lead. I took the halter off again and she was a little better. I looked down at my watch and it was 7am. Wow, the morning flew by. I had her jump the barrels off lead and she did very good so I tied her up for 30 minutes and gave her breakfast.

The weather is supposed to be mid-70's this weekend so we hope to get some saddle time.
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