Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The weather is still weird

The weather was nice both Saturday and Monday and we did get to ride. Sunday a storm blew in and it was windy with showers - weird weather for these parts.

Saturday we rode out east and had a couple of good sessions. We were working on trying to keep our lower backs soft and supple while sitting the walk, trot, and canter. The end result is both of our backs were kinda sore on Tuesday.

The riding areas have been cut down so the weeds are not as tall. With the rain the ground was relatively soft. Jessie did very good on her long lope. Each time she gets just a bit easier to control. She is softening nicely, too, as well as changing leads.

I took a few pictures. This is the artistic shot throught the stirrup:

Then at the end or our block the neighbor is keeping goats. They all came running up to us as we walked by so, of course, I had to try and pet them.

All-in-all we got in about 4 hours of riding over about 14 miles. The farrier comes next week.
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