Thursday, May 12, 2011

An Early Morning Workout

I was up at 5:30 to clean the pens and take Jessie out for a little groundwork in the "field". We started in her pen with LFR and de-sensitizing then we were off down the street to the canal. We did the c-pattern exercise all the way down the street. On the canal we worked on Wiggle-walk backup.

There was a valve that was bothering her which gave us an opportunity to do the sending exercise. Then, it was back to c-pattern.

Remember that ditch Jessie backed into last November? Well, it's still there. The kids have made it deeper and longer to ride their bikes through. This is the pic from last Nov.:

Turns out it's a great place to do sending and yielding exercises. Before long she was jumping in and out of it. I was having a blast sending her here and there, this way and that. It was a great exercise for her to learn where her feet were. She stumbled a couple of times, but she did great.

We did more backing followed by the c-pattern at a jog most of the way back. There was one section of fence where we could practice side-passing, then it was the cool down on the way home. She got tied to the patience pole for about 40 minutes before getting to finish her breakfast. We were able to get in an hour of groundwork and I got some exercise too.
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