Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas Weekend Recap

We got to ride three of the four days of Christmas. Christmas Eve was a brief, one hour ride out to the alfalfa field. We loped around and did a few exercises, but generally just screwed off and had some fun.

Christmas Day we rode in the morning for a couple of hours. It was cool (I promise not to use the word cold anymore, Iowa) but we put on an extra layer and headed out to the development. We did a nice long trot and some loping out there. We practice taking lead and doing some lead changes. Christmas afternoon we had some friends and family over and stuffed ourselves.

Saturday the weather was gloomy and we caught up on chores and decided to go see a movie. Up in the Air with George Clooney was a nice Saturday afternoon flick.

Sunday, we rode our loop backwards. We trotted down the canal out to the big square. We trotted and loped over some construction pipes at the development and came back around the far side of the canal. From there we rode to the alfalfa field and practiced some stops and rollbacks. I shot some video and took a few pictures that I hope to get posted some time this week. End of the year is a bit hectic around here.

Hope y'all had a great holiday.
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