Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Having Fun

Ranae and I rode both days last weekend. Saturday was hot and very, very humid and we had to wait until late in the afternoon.

We rode early on Sunday and had quite a good time. We rode out to the development where someone had abandoned a car. We call the sheriff's but they put me on hold for about ten minutes and then told me the car wasn't stolen but was in the city and I would have to call the police. As long as it wasn't stolen I decided to forget about it.

We rode over to the big square and then we switched horses. I got to lope dusty around first on the right lead. He kicked up a little when I asked him for some more speed. He's so worried a little running might wear him out.

Ranae took off on Jessie and she has a big lope but not much steering wheel. I can see where we need the work. I can just power her around. Ranae had a little problem steering at first, but then it looked pretty good. Jessie's lope wasn't nearly as smooth as Dusty's, so I think I got the better of that deal.

We rode another mile out talking about the difference in the two before we changed back to our own horses. That's a good experience to switch it up. It helps you see your horse from a different perspective.
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