Tuesday, October 7, 2008

I'm a Volunteer Junky

But it does pay off occasionally. Clinton's DVD's were decent pay for two days work. For the last three years I've volunteered for Equine Affaire, Pomona. I use it as kind of a vacation. Ranae is after me to take time off, so I take a few days, go down to Pomona (about 2 hours away) and rub shoulders with some horse people. It's pretty easy work. After gas, hotel, and food it's still ends up being a pretty inexpensive weekend getaway. Well, this year they are actually going to hire me to work the event. Not sure of all the details yet as far as money and lodging goes but, since I was getting nothing before it has to be an improvement. The big difference is I'll be there most of the week from Tuesday - Sunday and the hours are brutal 8am - 9 pm. The people who work for EA are great. Everyone is professional, patient, polite and easy to get along with (which is saying something for the long hours they put in). The 2009 show is going to have Chris Cox, Craig Cameron's Extreme Cowboy Race, Mark Rashid, and Julie Goodnight. I'm hopeful I'll still get to peek in on many of the demonstrations.
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