Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Two solo rides

We were able to get some early evening rides in on Monday and Tuesday. Ranae had other commitments, so we went out alone. Jessie did pretty well. She's not the bravest horse, but we were able to maintain a trot for a mile on the way out. We worked on speed control. When she gets nervous, either by her surroundings or the fact she may have work ahead of her, she speeds up. We had a little success with that. I would hum and then pick up one rein and when she slowed just a little I'd drop the rein. The trick is to get her to slow without breaking gait, which she did a lot. I'm sure it was my inconsistent cues. We didn't work too much, we/I just enjoyed the evening ride.

Cloudy and much cooler today. It has even rained this morning, which is quite unusual for Bakersfield. She gets tonight off. Planning on riding Thursday evening.
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