Monday, June 29, 2009

The Heat Is On

It finally got hot here. It's supposed to be 108 today. Friday was very warm as well and we managed to get a ride in after work. We went out about 6:30 pm and did a lot of trotting and some loping. Out among the irrigated corn and cotton fields there was a breeze and it felt a lot cooler.

Saturday we stayed out back in the evening and did some more of the clinic exercises. The girls seem to be getting into riding back there. For the longest time they would look at me doing the CA exercise and then just go out and ride. Now they are setting up the cones and the rails. They each have their own special exercises they like doing and both of them are gaining a lot more confidence. The horses are getting better too. I think they like being out there together.

Sunday was just too hot. We missed our opportunity in the morning and decided to go to the movies and soak up their air conditioning. Ranae had to be at work early this am so I got up with her and rode Jessie out back for about forty five minutes. We started off with the small circles and then did about fifteen minutes of loping circles. She was fighting me with both direction and speed so I just kept her going. I was wearing spurs and it was helping me guide her, but I just don't feel comfortable wearing them (yeah, I know I shouldn't). When we stopped in the center to take a break I took them off and we did the other direction without them. I wanted to see if they made a difference. It wasn't substantial. She did maintain her gait much better in that direction. To cool off we worked on yielding forequarters and the beginning of the spin. I was able to get a good step in each direction.

It was only 7am but I was pretty hot and so was she, so I hosed her off and let her stand awhile before giving her breakfast and heading off to work.
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