Friday, January 2, 2009

Some Pictures

Here are some pics from Christmas day. The weather was blustery and every once in awhile the horse would kick up.

Pepper Watching

Pink Sky

Who Me?

Threatening Skies


A Little Faster Now

It's either Pre-Buck or Post Buck, Not sure

Frosty & Charlie Huddle

More Threatening Skies

We (Jessie and I) did get some riding in on New Year's Day. My doctor's visit didn't turn up anything obviously wrong which is kinda good news/bad news. Anyway, it felt like it had been a long, long time since I was up on her and it had been five weeks. We did some groundwork and it was a cold forty degrees and gray (yes, I know, we Californians are sissys). She kicked up a on the LFR II. We were in a smaller area and all the other horses were around the fence. I got the feeling she resented having to work when no one else did. We worked our way through it and then I saddled her up. We didn't do much. Loped a few circles, trotted, stopped. Yielded hindquarters, side-passing, and bending. She did all these very well. Her lope was good and her stops were very nice. It felt good to ride her even though I had on five layers of clothing ;>)
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