Monday, January 19, 2009

A Lovely Day In The Golden State


It was unseasonably warm over the weekend. I managed to work through Saturday and got the majority of the tree pruning done. Ranae was over on the coast visiting a friend and by the time she got home on Sunday afternoon it was quite toasty for a January day.


We cleaned up the horses, did a little ground work and headed out for a loop around the canal. There's a hawk sitting in the middle of the field above, but my cheap little camera didn't get a very good shot. There were sheep in another field. They not only look funny they smell funny, too. Last time we tried this, (the sheep are on the alfalfa fields once a year) Dusty kinda freaked out. Jessie was nervous but she kept moving and Dusty followed along. I told Ranae the plot of a movie I watched while she was gone, more to keep my mind off of Jessie's nervousness of the sheep. That worked well.

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Like the last ride, this one was more just to get them out. We did a little trotting, and some bending, but it was more just to enjoy the sunshine.

The farrier came by this morning at 7:30. I had gotten up early to do some lungeing. Jessie did "okay" she really fidgets while he's doing her front feet. We'll just keep working on it.
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