Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The first day


Well, this morning started at 5am. I was on the road at 6 and hit traffic about 7:30. I was a little apprehensive about going since I was taken off the "paid volunteer" list. The weather is absolutely amazing. Clear blue skies and 75 degrees.

I arrived at the Fairplex at 8:45 and thank goodness they weren't charging for parking. I worked my way to the information booth and they helped me find Bo who was the guy I've been working with for the last three years and the one who recommend I be hired. He was glad to see me. It seems there is a major storm in Ohio and about eight people were stuck at airports that were closed. He thought that I might get reinstated, which boosted my spirits. We worked through the morning setting things up for the clinicians and the Extreme Cowboy Race. We also had to set up some of the stages and stalls for the breed pavillion.

He inivited me to the adjoining hotel (where I would have been staying had I been getting paid) for lunch. I chowed down. A couple of people wondered who I was. I met the boss of EA. I got an "aloof" vibe from her.

The afternoon was busy unloading jumps and round pen panels, putting up banners, and laying down roofing paper for the horses to walk on without slipping. I thought over the course of the day I had found some resourceful solutions to some of the set-up situations and was feeling pretty good about my position. Around 3PM there was an annoucement over the walkie talkies that a staff meeting was at eight pm in the dinner hall. I asked Bo if I should go to that and he said yes. We worked until 7:30 putting up the last banners and the call came down that staff should get to the dinner hall to eat and meet. Dinner was only available until 8PM. I was hungry. As we were walking out, Bo told me that he was working on getting me in, but that as of now, meals and the meeting were only for paid staff.

By now I'm used to it. I don't know why, but I enjoy the setting up and working behind the scenes. I told Bo don't worry about it, I was here and I'll do whatever they want. So, I'm back at MY hotel. They have wireless. I thought I'd brought the cable to upload the pictures from my good camera, but I didn't. Only the one for the cheap camera. (Which is surprising, because I brought just about everything else I own.) Anyway it's 10pm. The first clinician is Julie Goodnight at 9am.
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