Friday, July 23, 2010

Sunset Ride in the Moonlight

The moon is in a good position for us to ride in the evening. It's also starting to cool off around sunset. Last night we had a cool breeze blowing which made it even more comfortable.

We had planned this night ride a little differently. I picked up some takeout food on the way home. Ranae had gotten home about 15 minutes before me and fed the horses. We had dinner and then saddled up. It was nice for a couple of reasons. One, we weren't hungry and two, we didn't have to worry about rushing home to have dinner.

We set out on a nice leisurely ride. First it was off to the alfalfa field for a little warm-up. The have scraped this field and the dirt is soft but it is uneven. Ranae likes loping in it more than I do, but it is a good place to warm-up.

Sunset Ride

From there it was down the far side of the canal bank. We trotted most of the way out. It's about a mile to Panama Lane.


After crossing Panama we rode around the canal and worked near these irrigation pipes that were stored there. If the horses clunked them they made quite a loud noise. We did some rollbacks, walkovers, and side-passing.



Ranae suggested we try a side-by-side lope and I thought it might be fun to try and get a video of it. Our first attempt was not very good. We were too close together. The second attempt was much better. I left the sound up and the wind noise is a bit annoying, but I love the sound of hooves pounding the ground. Jessie did very well with me riding with one arm stuck straight out trying to hold the camera steady. You can see the very nice style Ranae has at the lope.

From there it was a nice slow walk home as the moon rose high behind us.


It's amazing. The summer has just flown by. The days are starting to get shorter. We have to squeeze these rides in when we have an opportunity.
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