Monday, July 5, 2010

It's Hot

Saturday I had to arrange getting our stack of hay. I had them stack it behind the horse trailer which meant I had to pull the trailer out. Since I had it hooked up, I gave Jessie practice session on loading and unloading. She has improved quite a bit.

After the lesson I tied her up for half an hour, then gave her a bath. Later that afternoon we went out by ourselves. It was hot but there was a nice little breeze blowing and we were able to stay cool. A couple of mini-bikes passed us on the canal bank. These kids had a bit more energy about them and didn't really care there was a horse 3 feet from where they buzzed by. Jessie did great.

We did some loping out and around some open areas where the footing was good. We practiced some rollbacks. Man, she hates doing those. I gotta figure out a way to make that a better deal for her. I try to limit myself to two in each direction so she doesn't get resentful about having to do them. It was exactly a two hour ride.

I had left the truck and trailer hooked up and on Sunday we had another trailer loading session. I think it was good for her to go in it easily and then be returned to her pen. She's loading well, I also wanted to work on my cues.

Ranae got home in the afternoon and we went out to the development. There was less of a breeze blowing and it was hot. Being the 4th there was quite a bit more noise. Our neighborhood has a lot of illegal fireworks going off. Anyway, we still did some loping. We even did a little side-by-side loping which is always a lot of fun. Dusty will sometimes get a knot in his tail over having to lope next to Jessie, but this time he behaved himself.

Ranae was off today. I had to work. She'll have the horses ready to ride when I get home.

Side note: We got some free publicity in the local paper today. They have a feature they call "Conversations with..." and they featured...ME! Here's the link if you're interested.
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