Monday, March 2, 2009

A Little Weekend Work

Saturday morning both Ranae and I had some catchup work to do. We finally got home around three and went out back to do some groundwork. I knew we wouldn't have very much daylight left, so I suggested we take the bridles and the 26" Yoga ball and try a little bareback horse soccer. After running through some of the groundwork we hopped on and kicked the ball around for about 1/2 an hour. The horses were getting the hang of it, though I'm not sure they would use the word "fun".

Sunday was warm and slightly overcast. We headed out to the housing development where we did some trotting and loping squares. Jessie kept wanting to speed up as usual but, all in all the both behaved very well. We did some gait transitions and the first couple I had to use the rein and after that she was reading my seat. Ranae and I spent a lot of time talking about how to improve our riding and gave each other a checklist of things to watch for. I want to keep my hands lower and sit in the middle of the saddle. She wants to sit straight and not lean forward.

The horses got a bath when we got home and most of the rest of the day was trying to catch up on yard work. I did get my tomatoes planted. Next weekend we are at a health food expo.

We did find a very nice, affordable gooseneck trailer. We were all set to make the buy. I had called around to several trailer places here locally and one large trailer place near San Diego. The two places here gave me a quote the guy in San Diego said that because I had a Tundra, and it was a short bed, and B&W didn't make a turnover ball for it, that he couldn't recommend installing a gooseneck hitch. He said he installed one and, I guess because of where you have to put it in the bed it does not leave much clearance for turning in tight spots (one of the main reason we were looking at a gooseneck. So, we're back to looking for a bumper pull. There are several nice ones out there.

Oh, and I almost forgot. I used the trimmers on Jessie's chin, below her jaw and bridle path and she did great!
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