Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Back to Groundwork

It's back to groundwork for me. This is too public a forum to air my medical problems, so I'll just say I'm having "complications" from riding. I'm not a doctor person. The last time I saw a doctor before this year was 1991. This doctor doesn't seem overly concerned with the fact that I can't ride. I'm hoping to see a specialist in April or May. The Matt Sheridan clinic is in June. I will likely stay out of the saddle until then.

All the more important reason to have a system like Downunder Horsemanship. We still have most of GRCG Series III to go complete. It will be a long summer. The goal will be to not bore the snot out of Jessie with all the groundwork. It will test my imagination, but I'm hopeful it will improve my horsemanship.
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