Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Nature vs Leadership

We went out Monday evening on an "on lead" walk. Our plans were to walk down the canal bank and work on some obstacles and gw exercises away from our usual training area. I didn't know that the neighbors down the street were keeping a new stallion.

As we headed in that direction Ranae was in front of us leading Dusty. Jessie, though not show any outwards signs of being in season, was very interested in the stallion. As we walked past their pasture the stallion started running all over the place and blowing and snorting. Jessie's tail was up and swishing and she was snorting too. I tried yielding her hindquarters and some c-pattern exercises, She wasn't paying attention at all and got whacked pretty good a couple of times, but still showed little interest in my "leadership". It didn't seem like a good idea to keep working her right there with the stallion running about like a banshee. We were still on the asphalt.

I kept her moving and once we were about 50 yards down the canal bank she started calm down. We then did some leading beside and side-passing along the fence. We also did a little jogging. We got to our obstacles and did some sending around them which necessitated her going down the canal bank almost to the water. She did all of these exercises very well.

On the way back I chose to take a different route that avoided the stallion. Guess I lost confidence in my leadership skills too.
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