Wednesday, February 18, 2009

If it Sounds Too Good To Be True

It's probably a scam.

There were a lot of pretty trailers at EA. I talked to some people and the idea of a 5th wheel sounded good. We have a 1/2 ton Tundra. I'm not sure how that would handle a 5th wheel, but that didn't stop me from looking at some online ads.

So, I see this ad on one site and again on this site

I don't know much about trailers, but it seems to me that this trailer should be about triple this price. It's being sold as used, but it really doesn't look like it's been off the lot. I wrote the person an email and I got this response:

I still have the horse trailer,the price is $5600,I am located in Greeneville,TN and the trailer is here too.I'm selling my farm and I don't need this trailer anymore.If you want to purchase it let me know so we can talk about this.What I can tell you now is that the price includes shipping and handling to your location.Feel free to e-mail if you need to know anything.

Thanks !

P.S : Please don't ask me questions like "why is it listed there and it's for sell in other location" because the reason it's very simple :The listing was paid with my credit card which has the old address.


Stuctural and EXTERIOR Features:
Trailer is white with gray Flag Graphic built with Steel frame and finished with the new **No Rust Galvaneal sheet metal. Has stainless steel hinges, rubber bumper, Spare tire included, Chrome Wheels, Diamond Aluminum tread plate across the fenders, across the front of the trailer for rock guard. Weight of the trailer is 8,240 lbs approximately and contrary to popular belief, weighs about the same as an aluminum trailer, can be towed with any 3/4 ton series pick up truck. Also, has a shorter wheel base than many of our competitor trailers with lighter tongue weight.

7' short wall x 11' long wall, trailer is 18' long, 8' tall, 8' wide plus gooseneck of 7'6" for total length of 25'6". Features 17' full length roll out awning, 13,500 BTU A/C with heat strip, insulated dressing room finished with vinyl flooring, carpeted neck, pleated day/night shade combos, Single Kitchen Sink(your choice of White/Black/Stainless), hand built Kitchen Cabinet w/laminate top, Shower/Toilet Combination which is very functional and roomy, fits in the slant corner, Features super quite water pump on demand, 52 gallon fresh water tank underneath the sofa, Fold out sleeper is very nice (compare to competition) 110V electrical hook-up and 12V electrical hook-up, propane hot water upgrade direct spark quick recovery, 40 amp power converter, Front Wardrobe, Hand built solid oak cabinets over the sleeper sofa, Refrigerator that is 12V or propane, RV style Microwave (your choice of black/white/stainless on new orders), 2 burner cook top with Vented hood (white/black/stainess choice on new orders). All cabinets are made of Solid Oak with panel cabinet doors, no prefab moldings in this trailer like competition.

So, now the trailer is in Greeneville, TN, but he is offering to deliver it for free.
The PS adds an interesting twist.

Any thoughts?
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