Thursday, February 5, 2009

And Even MORE Pictures

I was trying to figure out a way to use that Lytebox thing on the No Worries site on Blogger to post these pictures, but I couldn't even figure it out there, so what chance did I have?

These are the last of the photos. I have a couple of short videos to get up soon.

These are some of the foothills near Pomona.

Some action shots of the jockeys working in the morning (I think this was Saturday morning)

Andrea Fappani did a reining clinic. This was a really nice horse.

This is a Fell Pony. We have friends named Fell so I took it as a joke. Nice horse though.

Chris Cox. It was on an earlier demonstration that as he mounted his horse, the horse shied or something and he came right off. I didn't see it, but, of course he blamed himself for not paying attention to where he was in the arena and checking out the horse a little beforehand.

There was a fire on the Grapevine on the way back. If you look closely you can see the firefighters' line.

These are some pictures from this morning right outside our store. Max and I just got back from our walk and we were on our way to the tennis courts. It's pretty windy and the weatherman predicted a storm coming in (it's raining now at 1:30 PM). It was just before sunrise and the light was pretty spectacular. Since I had your attention I thought I would toss them in. I think if you click on them they get bigger.

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