Friday, November 21, 2008

Roll camera

I took the camera and tripod out with me this morning. This is the unedited video of part of our workout. It's long so I uploaded it to Veoh which doesn't have a time limit. Sorry for the focus, the auto focus kind of moves around a bit.

It's early and neither one of our energy levels is very high. Probably need to work on that (some more). It starts off with a run-up-and-rub exercise and the rest are pretty familiar. The camera did cut off and we did a nice little side-pass at liberty that did get in. You might wonder about why it looks like I'm trying to yield hindquarters when she is at liberty doing a circle. I don't think the camera shows it very well, but I'm reacting to her butt which is getting ready to take off. So, I'm pushing her hip away to bring her back.

The video
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