Monday, September 22, 2008

Suggestions Wanted

We had a real nice Saturday late afternoon ride. We played some games and did some trotting and loping. We had a six foot ribbon and tried to ride side-by-side each holding an end.

Sunday we went out to the river arena. Before our trail ride I did a passenger lesson at the lope with her. She has improved a bunch. She still sped up in one area but we loped for some time (sorry, wish I would have timed it) and she got more relaxed. When we got back from the trail I grabbed the camera and had Ranae shoot some video. It hasn't been edited at all. She was holding her horse so it's a bit shaky (same when I'm shooting her). My first clip is doing a few circles and then a figure eight and the second is picking up the correct lead exercise. She didn't stop like she usually does, not sure why. I spotted a number of areas to improve, like where my eyes are looking. I'd be interested in any suggestions you wish to offer, particularly concerning my head, feet, and hands. Don't worry, I'm not easily offended. Any insights on how I can improve are always appreciated.

There were some good things going on here. I remember trying this exercise 6 months ago and she never slowed down. She dropped to a trot to get them, but she made most of the lead changes. Her maximum speed was 13.3 according to my gps which is still too fast, but I think that is also improving.

Looking forward to your comments...

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