Monday, May 19, 2008

A very hot weekend

Most of my weekend was spent in non-horse related endeavors(painting). I did get to do a short GW session on Saturday night. I finished my work about 3 on Sunday, had some lunch and took Jessie out back for some groundwork. We were doing the last three exercises on Groundwork II - Leading behind, leading beside, and turn-and-go.

we didn't work very long. After about 30 minutes we tacked up and Ranae and I went out. It was still in the nineties but there was an occasional breeze blowing. We worked a lot on transitions - start at a trot, sit and relax and if she didn't move to a walk, ORS and start again. She picked it up nicely after about the third or fourth time.

Once we were out in a bigger area we did the serpentine and bending exercises. Then I asked for a lope and she did very well as we loped a big circle a couple of laps, came through the center, and then changed direction. she didn't change leads when we changed directions (I didn't ask either) and so in the direction she usually leans, she was on a counter-canter and that kept her more upright.

She was pretty happy to get home and a nice, cool bath.
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