Thursday, May 15, 2008

Side-passing and Following Behind

Last night we had a little groundwork session. GR II has a different way of teaching the side-pass than what I remember from a CA TV show. So, we tried that method. It still uses the fence, but there are two steps and it's actually easier than the other method. It keeps Jessie a little farther away from me too which made her feel a little uncomfortable. The leading behind exercise was pretty uneventful.

We also did some LFR II and her rollbacks are getting much more crisp, especially to her right. As I was trying to improve the bad side, I did this exercise a bit long because she actually broke a sweat (OMG!) Brought the clippers out just to make sure we hadn't lost that ability. She fussed a little, then acquiesced.

Tonight Ranae and I are going to try and do a passenger lesson on a lunge line. I heard a hunter jumper instructor on Rick Lamb's radio show say it's a good exercise to improve one's balance. We'll see.

The weatherman is predicting hundred degree temperatures this weekend. Don't know how much riding I'll have time for because I'm painting the storefront and sign this weekend.
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