Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Episode Four of the Podcast

I'm duplicating posts here and on our other blog, DUH Podcast.blogspot.com for a short time, just to keep those interested informed on the progress of our podcast. We hope you'e subscribe and if you use itunes, please rate our podcast. Thanks.

We're looking at the stats and the good news is you are finding us. We don't know exactly how, but we certainly appreciate it. Thank you.

In Episode Four we try and transform this thing into a regular show. We've added some production elements in the hopes it will be more interesting to listen to. We've added a feature called "Problems We Used to Have" and you'll get an update on Ranae's trailering problem. There's Downunder Horsemanship News with an update from the latest No Worries Club Journal, and you'll get health update, along with a question from the mailbag.

As always, your feedback is important.

Episode 4

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