Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Wildflower Ride In Woody

Our local ETI club had scheduled a ride for Saturday up in Woody, a nearby community. The weather forecast called for rain on Saturday. I am almost required to go to our Natural Food Convention in Anaheim and planned to go down early on Saturday. As it turned out, ETI moved their ride to Sunday and even though I spent all day Saturday at classes and walking the convention floor, we decided to try and make this ride. I'm glad we did.

The time change was tough as we had to get up an hour earlier. We hooked up the trailer. The horses loaded quickly and we were off. Woody is about 70-90 minutes north of town in the foothills. Only the last 12 miles or so are on a windy road. We got there just in time to join the other eight riders.

Jessie still has some issues riding in the trailer. She was sweaty when she walked off the trailer.

We headed off along the rolling hills of green grass and wildflowers. It was in the high 60's or low 70's and clear blue skies.

There were cows grazing on the property and occasionally we had to wait for them to move out. For the most part the horses behaved themselves. Grass nibbling was a problem. The lush green grass was up above their knees in some places and the temptation was just too great at times. There were these little flying bugs in some of the boggy areas and Jessie to great exception to them. She shook her head and swished her tail. They seem to bother her more than the other horses.

Cows laying around in the upper part of this picture.

Don't know why I'm leaning forward here

Wildflower Pictures

We rode for about two hours and then sat around and socialized for about an hour. The club had brought food and drink. We got to meet some new riding friends and spend the day in the sunshine. It doesn't get much better than this.
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