Monday, March 8, 2010

A Little Groundwork - A Little Ride

I spent most of Saturday removing our old checkout counter at work. The twelve foot coffin refrigerator had to go out in one piece. We finally go it out. There was about four buck in change underneath it. It was like digging through someone's sofa. After the refir was out I called the cabinet guy who brought the new custom-made counter. We put the top from the old counter, which has been our counter for probably fifty years, on to the new counter.

I got home late in the afternoon on Saturday. I moved the horses around so Jessie and I could do groundwork in the small area. We did a bit of LFR I & II some yielding and back-up along with some de-sensitizing. I took off her lead rope to see if she would let me do some of the exercises at liberty and to my surprise she did. As a matter of fact, she didn't leave me once.

Sunday we went for a ride out to the development and did the usual stuff. She didn't act up at all. Her loping is better, but steering her while loping is still a chore. We rode for about two hours and then had to get home and do some gardening. All the rain is making the weeds grow...
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